Low Carbon Cities and Sustainability Centre (LCCSC)

The Low Carbon Cities and Sustainability Centre (LCCSC) was officially launched on March 20th, 2015 in conjunction with MIP’s 43rd Annual General Meeting 2015.

The centre a dedicated arm of the Institute, is set up to further advance MIP’s role and involvement in the promotion, research and development, and knowledge dissemination on low carbon cities and sustainable developments. Additionally, the Centre will play a signifi cant role in building knowledge and enhancing capacity of relevant stakeholders and players in the built environment towards achieving the nation’s commitment for 40% reduction of carbon emission intensity by year 2020. Its mission is to build knowledge and expertise on low carbon cities and sustainable practices, encourage sustainable innovation and product sustainability that shall address climate change issues. LCCSC shall strive to build the capacity of Town Planners, related professionals and communities at large on Low Carbon Cities and its sustainable practices.

Its 3 focus areas are:

  • Capacity Building and Mentoring;
  • Research and Development; and
  • Publication and Dissemination

These are MIP’s contribution towards addressing climate change issues and MIP’s commitment to promote sustainable urban planning and development practices in line with its pledge to achieve Social Equity, Economic Prosperity and Environmental Integrity of our Communities.

For a start, the Centre will focus on advancing further the application and implementation of the Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF), a tool developed by MIP for the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) back in 2011. LCCSC will be assisting the government in introducing LCCF to all local authorities in the country as well as in adapting LCCF into planning process.

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