The submission of CPD records by all corporate members should reach MIP by the 30th September 2020 and all corporate members must complete a minimum of 12 CPD points by 30th September 2020 before any corporate membership subscription payment year 2021 can be processed. Submit your CPD online here.

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NPC 2020 : Reimagining The City For A Virtuous Civilisation on 4 - 28th November 2020

"We are at a critical juncture of history: are we to follow the urbanisation path of the technocrats leading to the Smart City idea or the path of ecological civilisation as pronounced by some governments in the East? Can we envision a more authentic path that embraces our virtue-oriented civilisations in Malaysia? One that is in harmony with nature, conscious of its history, intelligent in its adaptation of technology, and aims for tranquility in the souls of the people? What would this imply? Such a juncture calls for a Reimagination of the way we understand and plan our cities in pursuit of more resilient, comprehensive, and beautiful development."

Reimagining The City For A Virtuous Civilisation



With immediate effects, all MIP corporate applicants are required to submit the corporate membership application before undertaking any LPBM Professional Course and to undergoing MIP Corporate Interview Tier-1 before proceed to LPBM Professional Examination. Click here for details diagram of membership flow.

  • The submission of CPD records by all corporate members should reach MIP by the 30th September of the year of CPD submission required upon him/her.
  • All corporate members shall complete a minimum of twelve(12) credit points of CPD per year .
  • Corporate Member must successfully complete twelve (12) credit points, ensuring that at least six (6) of the twelve (12) credits points are from events and courses conducted by MIP or any other planning related events sanctioned by MIP.
  • All graduate members shall posses a minimum of ten (10) credit points prior to his/her application for MIP corporate membership. The credit points must be acquired within 3 years prior to the application. (Click here for CPD Guideline & Procedures)

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Congratulations to all new members and welcome to MIP!

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