CPD Procedures

1. All Corporate Members must maintain a high degree of professional competence throughout his practice and shall comply with MIP’s Rules of Continuing Professional Development.

2. The submission of CPD records by all corporate members should reach MIP by the 31st January of the year of CPD submission required upon him/her.

3. The submission shall consist of:-

a.  His/Her Professional Development Plan (PDP) in the prescribed Form MIP/CPD 1.
b.  His/Her CPD Records for two years to be submitted in the format of the prescribed form MIP/CPD 2.

4. Upon receiving the submission, the secretariat shall forward the CPD records to the CPD evaluation committee formed under the Professional Practice committee who shall evaluate the submission.

5. CPD credit points are evaluated base on the MIP CPD Rules and the Guidelines On Mode Of Activities And Credit Points.

6. The minimum credit point to be obtained by a Corporate Member is 20 points for two years.

7. If his/her CPD points do not satisfy the minimum requirement, he/she has to complete the points before 31st July of the same year the CPD records are submitted. This does not affect the 20 credit points he/she has to collect for the next two years.

8. If he/she does not submit his/her CPD records by the stipulated date, his/her membership renewal for the next coming year will be withheld until he/she submits the CPD records for that particular year.

9. If he/she submits the CPD records by the next CPD submission date then he/she needs to submit the total points due for both the CPD submission.

10. If he/she does not submit his/her CPD records by the next due date of CPD submission, then the committee can recommend that his/her membership be suspended.

Example 1
Year to submit CPD
31st January 2005
Total CPD points credited 15 points
By 31st July 2005 5 points
By 31st January 2007
20 points
Example 2
Year to submit CPD
31st January 2005
Total CPD points credited 0 points
By 31st January 2007 No renewal of membership
By 31st January 2007
Next CPD submission due
If no Submission Recommend for suspension
If Submission
40 points required
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