The Logo & Pledge

Designed by Mr. Chin Wai Yeong

It is an inverted form of Ebenezer Howard’s three horse shoe magnets in which the chief advantages of living in the Town and the Country were set forth with the corresponding drawbacks, while the advantage of the Town-Country concept of the Garden City are seen to be free from disadvantages of either. While Ebenezer Howard’s three magnets did not have any circles to bind them together, the MIP logo has the three magnets bound by two circles to reflect the need to marry town and country to give new hope, a new life to a developing Malaysia.

MIP Pledge

The Malaysian Institute of Planners is committed towards the practice of Sustainable Urban Planning and Development to achieve the 3E’s of Social Equity, Economic Prosperity and Environmental Integrity of the communities and areas that we plan for.

The Members of the Institute hereby pledge that we shall :

  • Ensure the high quality, efficiency and integrity of the town planning profession in facing the challenges of urbanization and the changing needs of the community that is planned for;
  • Ensure the quality of living environments in human settlements through the provision of comprehensive, effective and inclusive spatial planning solutions that shall balance the economic, social and environmental needs of all stakeholders;
  • Ensure of the community’s well being in the planning and design for safe, healthy built environments that is inclusive;
  • Promote research and institutional development and practices towards sustainability, through strategic public-private-academic community partnerships;
  • Be Proactive in meeting up with the challenges of globalization and climate change on the built environment; and
  • Plan for equitable growth and well being of our communities, where the needs of our communities for social infrastructure, quality and safe living environment are met with the highest standards of planning.
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