Categories of Award

The awards are categorized into the following:-

Category 1 –   Planning Scholar Award

The award is given to Research undertaken thtat has been published as Reports, Articles or Books which makes an outstanding contribution to the understanding of issues relating to urban and rural planning in Malaysia.

Category 2 – Planning Innovation Award

The award is for innovation and development of planning concept which result in a built form and makes and outstanding contribution to planning theory and practice.

Category 3 – Urban Redevelopment, Conservation & Rehabilitation Award

For planning documents, reports, schemes or projects making an outstanding contribution to urban redevelopment, conservation or rehabilitation projects. This award will create awareness of the need to maintain quality urban fabric that would create an identity and sense of belonging to the area through conservation and rehabilitation.

Category 4 – Community Development/ Planning Achievement Award

This category is for a project that has makes an emphasis on planning for the significant well being of the community. Affordable housing, planning for the handicap, Brownfield development/redevelopment that maintain the social fabric and getting communities involve in the planning are areas that fall into this category.

Category 5 – Urban Planning Achievement in Township Development Award

For schemes or projects which has been completed for at least 12months or has completed its Phase 1 for at least 12 months and that makes an outstanding contribution to urban planning practice in particular to township development.

Category 6 – Planning Services Excellence Award

This Award aims to recognize organizations, agencies and institutions that make planning more efficient and accessible by the innovative and imaginative use of planning process and system.township development. 

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