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27 July 2017 -Be Safe, Be Happy (The Edge Property) Happiness in the City Index 2017 also found that only 15% of the respondents believe that the city will be a safer place in 10 years’ time. The survey was conducted from April 28 to May 28 covering the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru. There were 1,273 respondents from the Klang Valley, 202 from Johor Bahru and 321 from Penang.


Design and safety

According to Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) president, Ihsan Zainal Mokhtar, a city that is planned and designed well can play a role in ensuring that the city and its citizens feel safe.

“The planning and the design of a city is very much connected to the health and wealth of its citizens. There are three aspects which are taken into consideration when a city is designed — the physical, social and economic.

“A well designed city is a city which promotes safety, sustainability and comfort. Ultimately, a safe city is closely related to the happiness of the citizens. If you don’t feel safe, how can you feel happy?” Ihsan asks.


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